Three Arrested, Three Wanted After Looters Caught On Video Trashing Gastonia Convenience Store

The Latest (Updated 2/10/2020):

Police say 25-year-old Allen Curry is charged with inciting a riot, 20-year-old Elijah Stowe is charged with assault with a deadly weapon, and 32-year-old Laquisha Burris is charged with larceny. All three were arrested over the weekend.  A store employee was allegedly injured after someone threw a bottle and hit the clerk in the head during the melee.

All three suspects are out of jail on bond and police are still looking for three other suspects including Derrick Davis, De’Mallon White and Rebecca Dawkins.

Anyone with information regarding there whereabouts is asked to contact the Gastonia Police Department.

Original Story:

GASTONIA, N.C. — A Gastonia convenience store is trashed.  Several people can be seen looting.  Even a fight in the parking lot led to gunshots.  All of it caught on video at a Quik Trip on West Franklin Boulevard.  Someone threw food and drinks all over the convenience store, trashing the business.  You can hear people yelling inside and many of them apparently looting.  A store clerk was even hurt after she was hit in the head with a bottle.  We’re told she’ll be ok.

And while this ruckus was happening inside the store, another one was going down in the parking lot.  Several people were fighting – and seconds later, gunshots were fired.  And, the crowd takes off.  A QuikTrip Spokesperson tells WCCB Charlotte they plan “to pursue the harshest criminal penalties allowed by law and we are exploring all civil penalties against those who stole and destroyed personal property.”  Gastonia Police say they’re investigating every angle of this case.  And they’re hoping the public can help them identify anyone in the video who may be committing a crime.  The clerk who got hurt went to the hospital to get checked out and she’s already back at work.  Employees say they hope police add more patrols to this area especially late at night.