Police Investigating After Gun Fired Inside UNC Charlotte Dorm

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Officials with UNC Charlotte say someone fired a gun inside a dorm on campus.  The bullet reportedly traveled through a wall inside Lynch Hall into an adjoining room, where it was later found.  No injuries were reported and officials say there was no threat to the campus.

A suspect has been identified but officials have not released a name at this time.  School officials say the suspect is not a student but was visiting a student who lives in Lynch Hall.  It is illegal to have a weapon in UNC Charlotte buildings, including residence halls, according to an email sent to students and staff.

“It definitely concerns us, however, we’re just gonna keep on going through our day, and just be a little bit more cautious with everything,” says Lauren Allen, UNCC Student.

School leaders are not releasing the name or age of the person who fired the gun.  They won’t even say if the person was arrested.  They’re offering a reminder to everyone, it is a felony to bring a gun on campus.