Making Spirit-Free Cocktails With Haberdish

Amp up your Valentine’s Day drink selection! Colleen Hughes is head Mixologist at Haberdish, Crepe Cellar, and Growlers Pourhouse. She goes over 4 easy spirit-free cocktails.

You can get the Peachy Cinnamon Not-O-Rita and J&T (aka juniper and tonic) at Crepe Cellar. The California Sober and Boys Club are offered at Haberdish.


More about the drinks:

Peachy Cinnamon Not-O-Rita:

The cinnamon and peach create a lovely base for this margarita riff.  The warming cinnamon gives you a bit of complexity while Peach, lime and ginger are sunny and bright. The glass is rimmed with pink Himalayan salt. The perfect complement to a sunny day with friends.


J&T (aka juniper and tonic)

A lovely infused syrup with a heavy juniper flavor combined with lemongrass and other botanicals and spices commonly found in Gin. Topped off with tonic water grapefruit and lime. This drink is for the person longing for a gin and tonic, or anyone who loves a bitter drink.


California Sober

A Genmaicha Tea inspired Hemp and popped brown rice cocktail with Lemon Oleo Sacrum (a syrup made by extracting the lemon oils from peels) with grapefruit juice and soda. The popped brown rice and hemp gives this “tea” lovely nutty green tea flavor. The buds are grown by Queen Hemp CO, a local hemp farm producing great CBD products.   This drink will have a small amount of CBD in it.


Boys Club

This offering is for the Old Fashioned lover looking for a spirit-free offering. It starts with Cheerwine reduced down with sugar, baking spices, Whisky Barrel smoked black pepper and a bit of dried mushroom (for Unami), then combined with fresh orange juice and a bit of soda water. The black pepper provides a touch of spice that slowly builds to give the feeling of a Kentucky Hug (the warm feeling that whisky gives you). It is garnished with a long strip of orange peel.