Health Officials In Cabarrus County Monitoring Residents Who Recently Traveled To China For Coronavirus

KANNAPOLIS, N.C. — Cabarrus Health Alliance staff are monitoring residents from Cabarrus County who recently traveled to or through mainland China for the Coronavirus, according to a news release.

Officials say people who have been traveling to and from China are screened by the Centers for Disease Control upon arrival in the United States.  The travelers are then allowed to continue to their destination if they don’t have symptoms.

The names of those travelers are shared with North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services staff who then share the names with the local health department for monitoring, according to a news release.  Monitoring includes daily contact with Cabarrus Health Alliance staff.

Officials with Cabarrus Health Alliance say the people from Cabarrus County who are being monitored continue to be symptom free and fully compliant with all requests.

Officials say the exact number of people being monitored in Cabarrus County can not be released due to patient privacy concerns.  At this point, North Carolina has not had any positive cases of Coronavirus, according to Cabarrus Health Alliance.