Journey To Love With Janine And Kelli: Step 1

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The first step in Kelli Bartik and Janine Davis’ journey to love: meeting the matchmaker. Laurie Berzack has been doing this professionally for 14 years. She owns and operates Carolinas Matchmaker.

Berzack, “Four out of the five people that hire me find love either through a direct match I make, or on their own during the time we are working together and I like to attribute that to the coaching.”

Berzack asked the women what their non-negotiables are. For Janine, faith is one. She says, “(They) have to have a relationship with God. I’m a Christian.”

Security is another. Janine says, “I need you to have your own friends and your own life. I’m OK with that.”

The same things are important to Kelli, too. She says, “Just being secure in himself. Having confidence.” Kelli continues with a laugh, “Is that too hard to find? Where are these people?!”

Laughing helps break-up some of the stress of this process. “Even going out on a date, it’s so nerve-wracking.”

Berzack says, “I’ve helped a lot of clients with anxiety before dating.” Some of Berzack’s advice:

Limit yourself to one drink on a date.
Give someone five dates before you form an opinion.
Take a deep breath.

Berzack says, “Before you walk into the room, feel your feet on the ground. Take a deep breath. And just say I am here right now. You’re nowhere else.”

Kelli, no surprise here, is looking for someone who at least likes sports. “I try to play golf. I have golf clubs,” Kelli says with a laugh.

And Janine wants a travel partner. She says, “I wanna go to Rome and Greece to start.”

If you want to recommend someone, or yourself, fill out a free profile on Berzack says, “Of course, we will run background checks.”

Now, this love journey for Janine and Kelli kicks off. Berzack says, “It will be an authentic introduction. Someone who could possibly be your forever match.”

If you want to submit someone you think is a match for Kelli or Janine, or submit yourself, go to, click on “Get Started,” and fill out the free profile.