Voters Cast Ballots On New Voting Machines For Tuesday’s Primary

MECKLENBURG COUNTY — Voters in Mecklenburg County cast their ballots on new voting machines for the primary.  Tonight, many people were still waiting in line after the polls were supposed to close.  We visited polling places all across Mecklenburg County, and we consistently saw long lines, but they moved pretty quickly.

But, tonight we shot this video around 7:30 at the Mt. Moriah polling location in Uptown.  Dozens of people were still waiting in line when the polls were supposed to close.  The Board of Elections says it’s because many voters stopped at the nearest precinct after work, and wanted to vote.  Many people had to cast provisional ballots, so it takes a bit longer.

2400 new voting machines and 340 tabulators were used across Mecklenburg County during Tuesday’s primary.  Voters told us the new machines were easy to use and more efficient, a simple two-step process, and they were out the door.

We asked a few of them who they voted for, for president.

“He served three terms in New York as mayor, and that says a lot.  So, Bloomberg’s got my vote,” said one voter.

“Bernie Sanders!  Babes for Bernie, so yeah, I’m very excited,” said Charlotte resident Leah Mell.

Election officials say Tuesday’s election went pretty smoothly with no major problems reporter here.

They estimate roughly 35-percent of the county’s more than 745-thousand registered voters cast ballots today.