Mecklenburg County Commissioner, Husband Quarantined Over Coronavirus Fears

MECKLENBURG COUNTY— A Mecklenburg County Commissioner is now quarantined over fears of a possible coronavirus infection.

The number of cases in Mecklenburg County stood at 11 as of Tuesday. 

Commissioner Susan Rodriguez-McDowell announced she and her husband are now quarantined.  

The decision was made after her husband returned from the UK with flu like symptoms. Test results are expected in a couple of days.

WCCB Charlotte spoke with the county’s public health director who says there is community spread of Covid-19.  We asked her about the 11 cases and the conditions of the people who are sick.  

“All of them are isolated at home.  Most of them have fairly mild symptoms.  We do have a couple who have experienced more moderate symptoms like a flu. But for the most part most have done well,” says Gibbie Harris, Public Health Director.

“The guidance continues to change before we can discontinue isolation,” she says, “A number of days after fever is gone without the help of anti inflammatory medication.”

One of those patients is a physician with Ortho Carolina in Charlotte.  The hospital announced all employees who’ve come in contact with the doctor are now self quarantined at home. 

Harris advised that leaders will move more rapidly towards greater restrictions. 

She’s added gyms, health clubs and theaters to the 50 people or less mass gatherings list. No decision about child care centers yet. 

Harris also said she would not suggest traveling at this point.