Families Enjoyed The Outdoors During Pandemic, While Staying Safe

CHARLOTTE — In the Carolinas, health officials are not issuing a shelter in place order right now, but say that could be a future possibility.  Saturday, many people got the opportunity to get outside and enjoy a beautiful spring day while staying safe.

From Freedom Park to Lake Norman, many people were out breathing in the fresh air.  Some hit the bike and walking trails…others played their favorite sport.  Everyone trying just about anything to get their lives back to normal, while heeding the warnings to take precautions to stay safe.

“Everybody’s gotta be safe, keep your sanitizer, water, soap and water,” says Prince Paul Green, Charlotte Resident.

“It would be easy to look around and say those people are too close or they’re too close, but for now, we just have to be reasonable and safe with it,” says Christian Bohmfalk, Charlotte Resident.

Some said they noticed people acting kinder to each other, and they’re hoping that will continue even after the crisis is over.