Funeral Homes Implementing Social Distancing During Services Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

CHARLOTTE— People who are mourning the loss of a loved one are finding it difficult to properly say goodbye during this pandemic.

Funerals homes across Charlotte are now forced to change the way they conduct funerals because of the Coronavirus.

Social distancing is difficult for all of us. But imagine attending the funeral of a loved one, but you’re unable to physically comfort one another.

Sheila Russell, President of Wayne Russell Funeral Service, says she has to comfort families from a distance.

“Which is difficult because I’m a touchy feely person,” says Russell.  “Sanitizer, wipes, tissues, but no hugs.”

And for families who still want their loved one’s funeral held at a church – that service will be much different now.

“What we would do is a walk thru with 10 people, six feet a part,” says Russell.

Many families are choosing graveside services and even cremations.

“They feel they can’t properly say goodbye because of the stipulations, but we have to be proactive as a community,” says Joseph Priester, Mortician.

”They feel so helpless because they feel that’s the only option well that’s not true, you still have an opportunity to view, you have an opportunity to have traditional services, just with these stipulations in place,” Priester says.