Mecklenburg Superior Judge, Wife Test Positive For Covid-19

CHARLOTTE— Veteran Mecklenburg County Superior Court Judge Donnie Hoover and his wife tested positive for Coronavirus.

The couple got sick with a hacking cough on March 13th.  The doctors prescribed both medicine, but Josephine Hoover got sicker.  The Judge rushed his wife to the hospital.  They were both tested for Coronavirus.  The results came back positive one week later.

“She started throwing up, couldn’t keep anything on her stomach, had diarrhea just in very bad shape,” says Hoover.  The couple was worried because they both have underlying health conditions.

His wife was released from the hospital Monday.  The couple is now in quarantine in the same condo, but always remaining six feet apart.  They are resting and getting better.

“For us it just sharpened our faith because we realize that only God was gonna help us,” says Hoover.