Southeast Charlotte Neighborhood Comes Together To Feed Healthcare Workers On Frontline At Local Hospital

CHARLOTTE, N.C. —  A Charlotte neighborhood wanted to help those risking their lives to help others, so they came together to feed healthcare workers at a local hospital.

Canfield Hill Court(CHC) is a neighborhood in southeast Charlotte filled with caring families that are committed to giving back and helping others during this horrible pandemic.

Keeping in line with the strict rules of social distancing, the CHC families group text and create positive outreach meetups on the street to keep their spirits up.   Typically, one family would host on their front yard or driveway and others join with their lawn chairs measuring the appropriate distances to insure safe conditions.  The community is dedicated to being safe, staying connected, showing support and most of all, laughter.

A discussion amongst neighbors about how they could collectively help first responders generated a multitude of ideas. Ultimately, the group decided to inquire about a large food delivery for the local Novant Matthews hospital.

Residents connected to uncover who had contacts at the hospital, all being done via texting and phone calls.  One of the neighbors was able to connect CHC to the Administration office of Novant Matthews.  Several phone calls later, the group was able to speak to the Manager of Guest Services at Novant Matthews to ensure logistics and the units designated to receive the food on Frida.

The CHC families began donating funds via Venmo.  They worked together and confirmed that the hospital could accept food, but each item would need to be individually wrapped.   Jersey Mike’s was happy to help in the project and the funds collected would be able to feed 60-70 healthcare workers.  In addition to the sandwiches, the owner of Bake My Day Cookies, Angela Viola, graciously agreed to donate cookies for the initiative as well.

The CHC was able to confirm that the food would be going to the nursing teams on the front lines and the delivery was made on Friday, April 3rd.

The CHC’s meal delivery to healthcare workers at Novant Matthews is just one example of how the community is coming together to support one another, as we all make our way through these unprecedented times together.  The residents of the Canfield Hill Community say they hope their story will encourage other neighborhoods to unite in an effort to help our local heroes in any way that they can as well.