Wilson’s World: Going Back Outdoors to Check Out the Sky and Take a Turn on an Old Fashioned Tree Swing

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – This morning our homeschool lesson takes us back to of the Museum of York County  with Carole Holmberg where he are getting more information what’s going on the sky with the stars tonight and where the International Space Station will be later on tomorrow night.  For more information on the Planetarium at the Museum of York County, click HERE.  Wilson will be hosting live on his Twitter account a space station viewing party on Wednesday night around 8pm.  Check it out on his Twitter account @WilsonsWorld.

We also head out to the backyard with Patrick of Heartwood Tree showing us how to have some fun with a good old fashioned tree swing during the quarantine.   If you have been hanging out in your backyard a lot over the last few weeks and noticed that your trees might not look as healthy as you think they should, maybe you should connect with Heartwood Tree Service.  A local business, Heartwood Tree has been in the Charlotte area for 40 years.  They are open and practicing all of the social distancing rules at work and on-site.

And don’t forget, Wilson will be reading a story for the kids tonight on his Twitter account at 7:30pm.

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