A Charlotte Woman Finally Discovers How She Caught Coronavirus Despite Self-Isolating At Home For Three Weeks

CHARLOTTE, NC.–  It’s been a mystery for Rachel Brummert, how she caught coronavirus after self-isolating for three weeks.

“Kind of feel upset that even though I did all the right things, I got sick anyway,” says Brummert.

The North Charlotte woman has an autoimmune disorder, she knew taking every precaution was necessary. Wearing gloves to get the mail, even forgoing take out meals.

Brummert started self-isolating the first week in March. She says she went out once during that time, on March 18th to a pharmacy. Then started feeling symptoms on March 21st.

“The physical part, I felt like I was dying. Like I really just couldn’t breathe and I wondered every day whether it would be my last breath.”

She was tested on April 5th. On April 9th, a positive test result.

“It takes a long time to recover. Sometimes you’ll have a good day and you feel like you’re sort of getting over the hump, but then you start your fever again.”

Brummert only lives with her husband who works from home. She says he has also been self-isolating and wearing masks at home.

“We even social distance in our house, so if I was having a bad day I couldn’t get a hug from my husband because we knew that we couldn’t come near each other.”

Brummert got some answers on Monday. She says an epidemiologist called, saying they traced her exposure to the pharmacy keypad.

Her message: stay home.

“I know everybody wants to get back to work, I know everybody wants to reopen the state, but that would be irresponsible at this point. This virus is no joke. This is nothing like I’ve ever seen before.”