Wilson’s World: A Big Surprise for a Special Teacher and Opening Up Sabor’s DIY Kit

CHARLOTTE, N.C. –  Teacher Appreciation Week begins on May 4th, but Wilson has already been telling us about it for a few days now.  And to talk more about it, his video chat today was with Paris Harrell, who is a 2nd grade teacher, and  Ana Martinez, the parent of one of Paris’ students.  Paris and Ana both talked about how much students and teacher are missing being in school and how parents are now appreciating teachers more than ever.

Wilson showed Paris a jam-packed gift basket that will be sent to her compliments of The Skin Center by CPS  as a big thank you for all of her hard work during the quarantine.   And don’t forget, you can show your child’s favorite teacher how much you appreciate her with a great bag of coffee from Enderly Coffee.  All you need is the teacher’s email address and then visit the Enderly Coffee website HERE to send your favorite teacher a 2lb bag of Enderly coffee.

Wilson’s next video chat was with Dalton Espaillat with Sabor Latin Street Grill.  Dalton and Wilson showed us the great DIY kit that Sabor now has available for quick pickup.  The Arepa and Empanada Meal Kit comes complete with everything you need to easily prepare a fresh meal at home.  To order Sabor’s DIY kit or any of their other items they are menu items, go to their website  HERE.

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