Wilson’s World: How to Disinfect Your Car at Autobell Car Wash and a Homeschool Lesson with Tatanka Bison Ranch

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – You disinfect your hands, your home and your office, but did you know that you can also disinfect your car?  Wilson was joined by Carl Howard, COO of Autobell Car Wash who tells us how Autobell Car Wash  has turned its focus to disinfecting our car interiors during coronavirus crisis.  Learn how you can have your auto disinfected next time you visit your local Autobell at autobell.com.

Wilson then holds a homeschool lesson when he visits with  Fred Ilse with Tatanka Bison Ranch in Rock Hill, South Carolina.  Fred began his quest for his ranch in 2015 when he found a beautiful sprawling 215 acre property in York County where he wanted to spend  his retirement.  The following year he discovered the furry bison and decided that is what he wanted on his new farm.  In 2016 his first calves were born and now his herd is now over 40 bison strong. In addition to offering a variety of tours to visit the ranch, we also have a wide selection of our premium, 100% grass-fed and grass-finished bison meat for sale.  Learn more about Tatanka Bison Ranch at their website at tatankabison.com. You can find them on Facebook as well.

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