New Plan For The Future Of A Gaston County Confederate Monument

GASTON COUNTY — A new plan for the future of a confederate monument in Gaston County.  Monday, County commissioners are expected to make a decision after more than 2 months of protests for and against the removal.

Gaston County commissioners have gotten an earful from residents on this issue.  The monument, known as the common soldier of the confederacy, stands in the entrance of the county courthouse.

Many residents believe it should remain there because it’s a part of history.  Others say it’s a symbol of racism.

“If the commission does not vote to relocate this monument and continues to willingly stay on the wrong side of history by causing division in our community then we will not stop we will take this to our very blue governor for help,” says Emily Parker, Gastonia Resident.

“A lot of people don’t know there were thousands of blacks that fought in the confederate army and that monument out there belongs to them as much as it does the white soldiers,” says Marshall Scott, Gastonia Resident.

Commissioners hoped the issue of removing the monument could be left up to the voters of Gaston County.  They asked state leaders if a local bill on the matter could be presented to residents.  That request was denied.

Board Chair Tracy Philbeck and Commissioner Allen Fraley say they will sponsor a resolution Monday that would gift the monument to the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

The group would have 6 months to move it to another location.