Plans Moving Forward To Remove Controversial Confederate Statue In Gaston County

GASTON COUNTY — Plans are underway to remove a controversial Confederate statue from the Gaston County Courthouse.  WCCB Charlotte has learned the county will spend 200 thousand dollars to remove and relocate the 35 feet tall monument.

The next step will be selecting a company that can tackle such an intense job.  Leaders say companies will bid on the project.  The Sons of Confederate Veterans sent a letter to the commission requesting they take the monument if the board planned to vote to remove it.

“I thank the Sons of Confederate Veterans for wanting to do this. I actually think that helps bring some type of peace,” says Tracy Philbeck, Chairman, Gaston County Board of Commissioners.

The road to removal has been anything but peaceful.  After more than two hours of comments from the public Monday night, commissioners voted to approve the monument’s removal by a vote of 6 to 1.

There’s no word yet where the Sons of Confederate Veterans plan to place the statue.