Union Co. Public School Board Chair Reacts To Another Board Member’s Social Media Posts

UNION CO., N.C. – The Union County Public Schools board chair has responded to criticism of board member Gary Sides’ questionable Facebook posts. Sides shared posts including one about the “Mexican word of the day,” others, where he promotes the use of hydroxychloroquine for COVID and other junk science, another of older women flashing drivers and one where he shared a post equating calling a child a Democrat to child abuse.

WCCB asked the entire board to respond to the posts, but never heard back.

Melissa Merrell did reply to a Union County resident who shared that response with us. The resident wrote to the board and called for Sides’ resignation, said he should stop posting racist comments online, and said the board’s silence on Sides’ comments indicated they condone his racism. Merrell replied, writing in part: “I will not condone you calling our Board Members racist. You are simply WRONG!” She also said Sides would not be resigning.