K-pop Dance Popular New Trend at Charlotte Dance & Fitness Studios

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Sunday night, K-pop group BTS made its VMA debut on WCCB Charlotte.

The K-pop craze is catching on worldwide and in the Queen City. Now some local dance and fitness studios are teaching the popular dance moves.

Sean Svay (Itz Eujin on YouTube, eujin0_0 on Instagram), teaches K-pop dance at Ebb & Flow Movement Studio in Charlotte. His students range in age from kids to people in their 30’s.

“K-pop is able to hit every nail on the head when it comes to culture and being diverse and making sure it’s a safe place for everybody,” Svay says.

With groups like BTS getting so much attention and performing at major events like the Video Music Awards, Ebb & Flow owner Lauren Childs added Svay’s K-pop class only a few months ago.

“I think a lot of the younger crowd is really familiar with it, and then the older crowd that was there was like ooo… something new, and I haven’t heard of this, maybe I can give it a go,” Childs says.

She says the classes are great for K-pop fans or people just looking for a fun way to exercise.

“No matter your age, it’s a great outlet. It’s challenging mentally and physically. It’s a good emotional release,” Childs says.

Right now, Ebb & Flow is only offering private K-pop lessons due to the pandemic, but plans to return to full classes soon.

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