Local Artists Uniting To Save Charlotte’s Neighborhood Theatre

CHARLOTTE, NC. —  Live music is a shared experience.  We’re used to the electric energy of a performance bringing us together. But at a time when we have to be physically distant, Tory Johnson can’t bear the thought of the Neighborhood Theatre in NoDa closing for good.

“I don’t know how, it would just be devastating if I didn’t have this place in my life,” says Johnson.

Jonhson works at the theatre on East 36th Street. Since closing in March because of COVID-19, they’re taking the opportunity to rebuild the more than 20-year-old stage.

“I was like well take some of this I can reuse it. I hate to waste anything. I was like holy crap, what if we got these local artists involved to like breathe new life into it.”

John Brady, the theatre’s production manager, reached out to @cltgraffiti on Instagram. The account documents murals and street art in Charlotte.

“He almost instantly started us in a group chat with over 40 artists. It really took off,” says Brady.

Matt Morrison runs the account.

“The Neighborhood Theatre is a juggernaut of creative space in Charlotte. If we were to lose that, Charlotte would lose a big piece of itself,” says Morrison.

The 32-foot-by-24-foot stage was broken down into a variety of sizes for artists to paint. Dozens of local artists are volunteering to make art out of the old stage or donate pieces they already created. Some worth thousands of dollars. The theatre is having a virtual auction, selling the more than 40 pieces of art, to help keep the theatre-going.

“Like it almost brings us to tears just like the support of the community. The support of this town has been absolutely unreal,” says Brady.

This virtual art auction will be held on the Neighborhood Theatre Instagram page – @ntheatre. Payments will be accepted through Venmo @SavetheNeighborhoodtheatre

It will start September 17th.

List of artists who are donating:

Chris Hood
Melissa Wineman
Sydney the Traveling Gypsy