Relationship Expert Shares Tips For Finding a Partner This Cuffing Season


CHARLOTTE, NC — “Cuffing” season is starting early this year.

If you’re not familiar with the term  it’s the time of year when singles seek out someone to cozy up with during the winter months.

It usually starts in November but singles are already looking for prospects due to fear of another spike in Coronavirus cases.

If you are looking to lock down a boo during the winter months here’s a few dating tips from expert relationship coach April A.Carter.

  • Be Intentional – When it comes to dating you need to be intentional. Especially during “cuffing season.” Here’s why. Cuffing season is just that. A season of being cozy and having a special someone to spend time with and cuddle up to during the chilly months. Before you go putting the hand cuffs on anyone, first decide whether you want something temporary or more long-term like a real relationship. Knowing this will help you choose the best type of person for you to hang out with to avoid heartbreak.
  • Step into Technology – Finding a boo is hard enough without a deadly virus floating around. In order to make the most out of it, make sure your technology is on point. Your photos should be flattering and represent you. Now is a good time to delete certain photos & comments. 
    • Learn how to use video apps like zoom for video dating or online social events
    • Download 1 dating app and be active but authentic. Comment, like and reach out because the more you use it, the more your profile / feed is shown which could increase your chances of making a positive connection 
    • Use online social sites like that host face-to-face & virtual events at minimal to no cost
    • is a wonderful online source for you to meet like-minded people
  • Go for Yours – How do you expect to meet someone if no one knows you’re on the market? Now isn’t the time to be shy. It’s a pandemic and you don’t wont’ to be alone this winter. You have to be a go-getter in today’s environment so here’s what you’ll do:
    • Reach out to people you’re interested in dating via social media / dating apps & flirt a little
    • Let friends/family know you’re on the market and use them as a FREE dating service for referrals
    • Be nice and respond to people interested in you online and start with easy phone conversations
    • Actively follow people/groups that interest you and comment on their post, send a message
  •   Be Safe – The only difference between cuffing season this year and last year is just, I don’t know the fear of getting sick and possibly dying. No big deal. This will absolutely put a damper on how you date but here are some ways for you to “date safe” this cuffing season:
    • When meeting someone new, start off dating long distance via telephone & video (you can’t tell if a person has COVID-19)
    • Have a video dinner date where you cook together in the comfort of your own homes
    • Choose an electronic game that you want to play (together) like words with friends for some friendly competition and fun times 
    • When you’re comfortable taking it face to face, have a conversation about how you will remain safe
  • Have Fun – I know it’s a lot going on that’s why now more than ever you should be having fun. People want to be around people having fun. Be sure to smile often and enjoy who you are and you’ll automatically attract people into your life. Date people who make you laugh and smile and you be that for them as well. Be silly together and let them see who you really are to make an authentic connection that could last a lifetime.