89-Year-Old Pizza Delivery Man Gets Special Surprise From TikTok Community

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — An 89-year-old pizza delivery driver in Utah is getting a lot of attention on social media platform he didn’t even know existed.

The Valdez family has gotten to know Derlin Newey from his deliveries so much so that they request him as their delivery guy every time they order, and record him for their TikTok videos which have since gone viral.

The Valdezes always questioned why an 89-year-old man was still working so they decided to ask their followers to donate some money to help him out.

To their surprise, they raised more than $12,000 for Newey.

Turns out, the 89-year-old lives alone and couldn’t afford his bills so he started delivering for Papa John’s. Maybe now, with the help from strangers on TikTok, he can take some time off and take care of himself.