Edge On The Clock: Military Using A.R. Googles For Dogs

The U.S. Army wants to make augmented reality goggles for military working dogs.

The A.R. goggles would allow the dogs’ handlers see everything the animals see and allow the handlers to give remote commands and cues to the dogs from a safe distance.

A company called ‘command sight’ is using U.S. Army research funding to develop the custom goggles.

The internet is flocking to Kanye West’s latest tweet that shows a picture of a presidential ballot with his name written in with the caption ‘Friends writing me in’.

He’s gotten a mixed bag of responses from supports and non-supporters saying quote ‘You can’t even beat Taylor Swift in album sales.’ and ‘You’ve become a sad joke, Kanye.’

A Japanese theme park has come up with a creative way to boost its visitors by turning its ferris wheel into a co-working space.

The Yo-Mi-Ur-I-Land Park, just is selling and ‘amusement workation’ package for just $18.

Guests can rent poolside work station with internet and outlets with the option to spend an hour remote working from inside a WiFi-equipped ferris wheel.