Thieves Steal Thousands Of Dollars Worth In Porch Furniture

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Security camera video shows three thieves stealing packages and porch furniture from Louis Gillard’s home on Rozzelles Ferry Road in the Wesley Heights neighborhood.  It happened around noon on December 23rd.  Gillard says the brazen burglars struck his house five times in a 45 minute period.

“You can just see that they did not care. Do not care about getting caught, they did not care about a single thing except for larceny,” says Gillard.

Gillard was visiting family in Florida when his phone pinged.

“I received an alert from my ring doorbell that there was a visitor, a person detected at my front door. Didn’t think much of it. I thought it was maybe a delivery or package or UPS guy and ignored it.”

He says the next day, he reviewed the video.

“And then I noticed that my porch furniture had been stolen. A sectional as well as a daybed mattress as well as all the pillows that are associated with it were all taken.”

Gillard called the police. According to the police report $2,000 worth of furniture was taken.

“If they were really in that much need, they could’ve knocked on my door and I would’ve handed out money, food whatever they needed. But to rob me and acting that way it’s just inhumane.”

Gillard says the two responding officers told him they’ve seen similar cases in NoDa and Plaza Midwood.

“Of people taking porch furniture, brazenly in the middle of the day with their face on camera and that they fit the description and fit the items that were stolen.”

WCCB asked CMPD if this incident was connected to others. A spokesperson says it’s too early in the investigation to tell.