Freezing Temperatures and Fog Overnight

Sunny skies dominate our weather through mid-week.
Weather Phenomenon FREEZING FOG possible tomorrow morning –
With temperatures dropping below freezing and fog likely developing overnight much of the WCCB area could see what is called Freezing Fog. Freezing Fog is just fog, but when the surface temperatures are at or below freezing, water droplets in the fog are supercooled. These supercooled water droplets will then freeze on contact with a surface that is at or below freezing – this causes what is called Rime ice. Wednesday morning across the WCCB area, we are looking at possible Rime ice on surfaces such as trees, cars, hand railings and possibly on bridges and overpasses.
*** I will be doing a quick video explanation on this for social 🙂
Tranquil weather is expected through much of the week with sunshine dominating our skies through Thursday. Our next weather system arrives on Friday bringing scattered showers through the second half of the day into Friday evening. Cooler temperatures rush in for the weekend with highs in the 40s and lows in the 20s and 30s.
Tonight: Mostly clear. Low: 30°. Wind: Calm.
Wednesday: AM Freezing Fog possible. Sunny skies. High: 56°. Wind: SW 5-10.
Wednesday PM: Partly cloudy. Low: 32°. Wind: Calm.
Thursday: Sunny skies. High: 57°. Wind: S/SW 5.
Have a wonderful week!