Rising’s Slower Version of “Supermarket Sweep” in the New Harris Teeter Park Road Location

CHARLOTTE, N.C. –  The remodeled and totally renovated Harris Teeter at Park Road Shopping Center had their grand opening this morning at 8am so the Rising producers and crew decided it would be interesting to send out photojournalist, Mike Thomas, to the new store to play our version of Supermarket Sweep…which, by the way, was a much, much, slower version.  Mike was given a mystery list of miscellaneous items that he needed to pick up at the store.  After placing his camera in the cart for a cart’s eye view of his trip down the aisles, he began his search.  And thanks to a lot of help from the great Harris Teeter employees, he was able to find most of what was on his list.

Check out the video for Mike’s trip through Harris Teeter and the list of the items he was hunting down.  Unfortunately he was not given a prize..win or lose… for his slow cart excursion through Harris Teeter.