Chance To Spend Unique, Intentional Quality Time With Middle School Or High School Aged Girl In Your Life


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – “The whole premise of the vision board party is that little girls with dreams become women with vision,” says Lanaire Malone. She is the local mom behind Hurdles In Heels, a non-profit that aims to help young women prepare for life’s hurdles. The name, inspired by Malone’s college career as a D1 hurdler. She realized she spent a lot of time preparing to compete, but not for life. Malone says, “There’s not that practice ground that happens. What if we created a space where we can partner with parents and mentors to help prepare these girls?”

Malone is preparing to host her fourth annual Vision Board Party, this year, virtually. The party, she says, is a chance for adults to spend intentional time goal-setting with young women. Middle and high school aged girls, and their moms or mentors, will get a Vision Board Box, complete with two journals with prompts, skin care goodies, a mask, and everything you need to make a vision board. “Vision boarding is not just picking a bunch of cute pictures that you like and throwing them on the board. There’s intentionality that goes behind it,” explains Malone.

Malone says every year, moms tells her how grateful they are for the time vision boarding gave them with their girls. And she says even the most hesitant young women come around. “All my parents will get this, it was one of the girls, she’s like, ‘I don’t really wanna be here.’ She had her arms folded when she got there,” explains Malone. She says, “At the end, I went and grabbed her and I was like, ‘What did you think? How’d ya feel?’ She was like, ‘For real tho? That was kinda dope!'”

You can also sponsor a $49 Vision Board Box for a young woman who can’t afford one. Just go to to sign up. And, if you want to skip shipping fees, Malone is doing a curb-side, contact-less Vision Board Box pick up this weekend at Bird Song Brewery in NoDa. Just check out for more info.