New Rising Co-Host Lauren McDonald Shares The Story Behind Her Lip Tattoo

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Our friends who work the morning show shift here at WCCB welcomed a brand new co-host recently. They’re getting to know Lauren McDonald, and this week she stunned them when she revealed that she has a mouth tattoo! We presume our Rising friends were too stunned to ask any follow-up questions, but we were dying to know more. So Lauren Zoomed with Morgan Fogarty Wednesday to tell all about the tat.

McDonald joins WCCB News Rising from Colorado, where she worked as a morning show feature reporter and then lifestyle host. She’s done lots of fun stuff for work. She says, “When I was reporting one day, there was a tattoo-a-thon. And so it was to raise money for ovarian cancer awareness or gynecological cancer.” McDonald says, “I was like let’s do it on air! Let me get a tattoo! I like to be interactive.”

“I was like where can I get this that A, my mom will not be mad at me, and B, you know, it’s very easy to cover-up,” she says.

When the tattoo artist suggested the inside of her lip? “I was like, yeah let’s do it! It’ll give me street cred,” laughs McDonald. “I mean it didn’t feel good, but it wasn’t super painful or anything. And it probably took, I don’t know, 10 to 15 minutes? It wasn’t long at all.”

The finished product is a dime-sized version of the symbol for ovarian cancer awareness. McDonald says, “I’m just excited to be part of the Charlotte community, and yeah, who knows, maybe get another lip tattoo!”

McDonald doesn’t have a direct connection to ovarian cancer, but says both of her grandfathers died from cancer, so cancer awareness is a cause close to her heart. You can watch Lauren on WCCB News Rising, Monday through Friday, 4:30AM – 9:00AM, right here on WCCB Charlotte.