Boa Constrictor Rescued From Owner’s Car After Getting Stuck In Dashboard

STANLY COUNTY, N.C. — Animal Protective Services had their hands full in Stanly County. Officers were dispatched to help after a boa constrictor got himself stuck in the dashboard of his owner’s car while on the way back from the vet.

“In 29 years in law enforcement, I’ve never had to deal with something like this,” said Stanley County Sheriff Jeff Crisco.

A motorist driving through the western part of Stanley county on Monday called 9-1-1 with quite the quagmire. His pet was trapped inside of his car’s dashboard. 

“Eight, eight and a half foot boa constrictor,” explained Crisco.

The eight foot snake was curled up getting warm. The owner told deputies he was taking his sick snake to a clinic across the county. 

On the way back he made a quick stop and that’s when the snake got out of its compartment. 

“Crawled up between the fire wall and where it was warm. A majority of him, about two foot was hanging out. Couldn’t get him out,” explained Crisco.

Deputies didn’t rush to pull him out. They let the car cool off and eventually the snake backed out of its hiding spot.

The snake was removed and unharmed. Some deputies snapped a picture holding the snake. The sheriff kept his distance.

“Oh I got close enough,” said Crisco laughing, ” but I’m not touching it, no.”

Stanly County Animal Protective Services wants to give shout outs to Sergeant Harwood, Jamie Parker, Lieutenant Smith, Sheriff Crisco and Officers Heather and Shelley for their help during the removal process.

This is just an example showing that Animal Protective Services handles more than just cats and dogs.