Some Charlotte Residents Say A Man Dressed As A Woman Is Stealing Their Mail

SOUTH CHARLOTTE – Some neighbors say a man dressed like a woman is stealing their mail.  Some say they confronted the suspect, but he got away.

Since last fall, neighbors along Greencastle Drive near Sharon Road have noticed someone, who wasn’t the mailman, drive up to mailbox after mailbox and steal everything inside.

Just the other day, one of the neighbors approached the suspect, and realized it was a man dressed as a woman.  They said he laughed while driving away.

“We’ve had identity thefts, packages stolen, credit cards, ACH transfers opened.  Pretty nasty stuff that’s been happening for a while now,” says South Charlotte resident Lacy Hayes.

A few of the neighbors conducted their own investigation and gave police a detailed description of the suspect, and also his name.  CMPD tells WCCB News no one has yet been charged with the crime.

One family went as far as to place a lock on their mailbox to keep the suspect from stealing their mail.