South Charlotte Neighbors Say Their Investigation Led To Arrest Of Accused Mail Thief

CHARLOTTE – An accused mail thief is behind bars after a South Charlotte community came together and helped police track down the suspect.  Neighbors along Greencastle Drive told WCCB they reported the theft to CMPD 6 months ago.  But, one man says he caught the suspect red handed last week, which led to the arrest.

“I’m glad that he’s finally behind bars,” says South Charlotte Resident Lacy Hayes.

Hayes and his neighbors say they’ve investigated this crime for months.  Someone was stealing their mail, their identity, opening credit and debit cards.  Neighbors contacted CMPD and waited for them to catch the culprit.

Hayes says it wasn’t until last week that he came face to face with the suspect, Charles Harrell, rummaging through his mailbox.

“He tries to hit me with his cell phone.  I take his cell phone and then he tries to flee, so I end up opening his door, wrestling with him and getting his keys” says Hayes.

Hayes says he tried to keep Harrell there until police showed up, but after 15 minutes he decided to let Harrell go.  Hayes says he snapped a photo of Harrell and the car tag and sent that information to police.

This week, CMPD charged Harrell with misdemeanor Larceny.

Harrell is also wanted in Georgia and Greenville, South Carolina for bank fraud.