Spotlight on Black Women Owned Business in CLT: Five13 Studio

In honor of the first black Batwoman, we shine the bat-signal on black women owned businesses in the Queen City

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A powerful black woman is taking Gotham by storm. But in Charlotte, powerful black women have always been essential in shaping the city. To celebrate the first black Batwoman played by Javicia Leslie Sundays on Charlotte’s CW, we are shining the bat-signal on businesses run by black women in Charlotte.

Sequins, faux-fur, chunky jewelry.  Stepping into Five13 Studio is like time-traveling back to the glamorous life before COVID.  Life when you weren’t working from your kitchen counter in yesterday’s sweatshirt. But if you need to refresh your loungewear game, Five13 Studio has that too.

Owner Jekia Benson launched her passion for fashion from her spare room on her birthday, May 13th, in 2013, the namesake for Five13 Studio.  “Since college, I have had this grandiose idea of opening a women’s clothing boutique,” says Benson who previously worked in information technology.  Her “splurge worthy boutique” has since expanded from her home to a spot in the heart of South End and offers complimentary shipping to those shopping online.

Benson hopes her business will be encouraging to aspiring black women entrepreneurs.  “I hope to clear the path for them, and offer one on one mentorship opportunities as well.”  She draws inspiration from her favorite superhero, Shuri, from Black Panther.  “She uses her brainpower to fight the opposition, and you can’t get any better than that.”

Fighting opposition to make her dream a reality has taught Benson an important lesson: Do not quit.  “Even if you encounter others that may not entirely understand your vision, do not stop.  Just keep going and do what you love.”  Doing what you love is always in style.

So if you are on your 4,209th pandemic day of trying not to quit that side hustle of your dreams, maybe hop on and order yourself a fresh sweatsuit and some glam earrings.  It’s the little things.

Visit Five13 Studio:
1425 Winnifred St
Suite 110
Charlotte, NC 28203

Instagram: @Five13studio