Survey Says: 38% Of People Would Give Up Sex For A Year To Be Able To Travel Right Now

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – From vaccinations to vacations. As more people get the COVID shot in the U.S., the desire to travel again is growing stronger. And some people would make some pretty big sacrifices to be able to do it! Global hotel search platform Trivago asked 2,000 people what they would give up in order to be able to getaway and adventure safely once again.

25% would give up their entire savings.
48% would give up their job.
20% would give up their partner.
38% would give up sex for a year.

What would you give up to be able to travel again: savings, job, partner or sex for a year

This episode’s panel features:
WCCB TV’s Morgan Fogarty
WCCB News @ Ten anchor Drew Bollea
WCCB News Edge contributor Ashley Anderson