Boeing Battling Another Bad Situation After Plane Engine Explodes In-Flight

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Boeing is recommending that all of its 777 airplanes with Pratt and Whitney PW4000 engines stop flying for now. It comes after a mid-flight scare went viral this weekend. An engine on a plane traveling from Denver to Honolulu caught fire, dropping debris to the ground below.

Boeing’s recommendation comes as the NTSB examines two fan blades that fractured as a possible cause. Although American Airlines says the planes that fly out of Charlotte have different engines, aviation experts say the grounding process could last a while. Peter Goelz says, “I think this aircraft is going to stay on the ground for a while until the inspection process is reviewed. And we are sure that it can catch these little minute flaws.”

For Boeing, this comes after a nearly two-year grounding of it’s best-selling 737 Max jet following two deadly crashes. But experts like Editor-in-Chief of Geoffrey Thomas say Boeing is not the party to be blamed in this instance. Raytheon, the maker of the Pratt and Whitney engine, is also taking a hit. Thomas says, “Although it’s on a Boeing airplane and we all call it the Boeing triple seven engine, it’s a Pratt Whitney issue and they need to step up very robustly to fix up this engine for the customer airlines.”

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