Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Care And Control Participates In ‘No Place Like Home Challenge’ During The Month Of March

CHARLOTTE, NC (News Release) – Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Animal Care & Control (AC&C) has entered into a challenge with Maddie’s Fund during the month of March. The challenge is called No Place Like Home Challenge and will focus on getting lost pets back home by implementing new programs, strategies, and partnerships with businesses, people and pets in the Charlotte community.

“This challenge is a great way to motivate the AC&C team to think outside the box to find more ways to ensure we are doing everything we can to keep pets and people together. In 2020, AC&C returned 8% more lost pets to their homes than in 2019. 1,188 pets made their way back to their homes,” said Director of AC&C, Dr. Josh Fisher.

AC&C will be competing with other shelters across the country to not only return the most pets to their homes but also to implement new programs to make this a community initiative for the future. All shelters participating will have a chance at $150K in grant prizes.

AC&C will be expanding its Check-your-chip Microchip Checkpoint program by forming partnerships with local veterinarian hospitals and other businesses in the community. These businesses will be set up as Microchip Checkpoint stations where the community can take lost pets to check for a microchip.

AC&C Communications Manager, Melissa Knicely explains, “We are creating a map to share on our website, social media channels and our 311 call center that will show all the chip checkpoint stations. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for the community to help get lost pets home as safely and quickly as possible. The first step (if they are not wearing a collar I.D. tag) is to check for a microchip. Now we have made it more convenient for the community by strategically creating checkpoints across Mecklenburg County. We are very excited about all of our new partners in this program.”

During the month of March, look for other social media videos promoting the importance of keeping an I.D. tag on your pet. AC&C is also offering free I.D. tags at the AC&C Adoption Center located at 8315 Byrum Drive in Charlotte.

A series of educational videos will debut in March that will share best practices of what to do if you lose your pet or find a lost pet.

Lost or found to safe & sound: Check AC&C First, will be the new slogan for this challenge and beyond.

“With the incredible growth of Charlotte and the surrounding areas, we are dealing with a lot of people that are new to the area and may not know where they should check to look for their lost pet. Our goal is to remind the community that AC&C should be your first stop to look for your lost pet,” said Dr. Fisher.

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Photo Credit: CMPD Animal Care & Control