Toyota Of N Charlotte Shares Tips For Pollen Season

Spring is a great time of year here in Charlotte, but it also brings pollen with it. Not only can pollen season be challenging on your allergies, it can also do a number on your car, especially if you don’t take the time to deal with it. Toyota of N Charlotte is here with tips to help you tackle pollen season like a pro and prevent damage to your ride.

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Toyota of N Charlotte’s top pollen season tips

Pollen is definitely annoying, but its effects on your car are actually a little bit more serious than that. If left too long, it can actually cause oxidization. This can leave unsightly staining on your vehicle’s paint, resulting in irreversible damage that likely needs paint repairs or even a new car paint job to fix it.

That’s why we’re all about being ready for pollen season ahead of time AND taking the proper steps to care for your car while you’re in the midst of it. Check out these pollen season tips straight from the experts at Toyota of N Charlotte.

Tip #1: Prepare before pollen season actually arrives. It’s in your best interest to be ready for pollen season to arrive before it actually does. This means regularly washing your car and applying a coat of quality wax. You don’t have to go super expensive, but you should use a mid-grade product to provide a level of protection for your paint. (Our Charlotte auto parts store can help you choose one.) The wax will actually create a barrier between your car’s paint and the pollen, lowering the possibility of damage.

Tip #2: Choose your parking spot wisely. You should think carefully about where you park during pollen season. If you normally park under trees or leaf cover, think again. It’s best to park in a garage or covered parking spot if you can – this will lower the amount of pollen on your vehicle when all is said and done.

Tip #3: Make car detailing a priority. When pollen season is in full swing, you should make routine car detailing a priority. Take the time to wash your car regularly or at least rinse it on a routine basis to get the pollen off the paint and prevent damage.

Tip #4: Don’t forget about the rest of your car. It’s easy to focus on the exterior and forget about the rest of your N Charlotte Toyota. Don’t forget that the interior will be exposed to pollen, too, and you should take the time to wipe it down and vacuum it. You’ll also want to clean and change your engine air filter and cabin air filter as needed.

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