Hidden Gems of CLT: Acting Out Studio

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CHARLOTTE, NC — A taste of Hollywood in Charlotte.

Acting Out Studio helps up-and-coming actors improve their craft to break into the biz.

WCCB Charlotte’s Alexandra Elich takes inside the award-winning studio in this week’s Hidden Gems of Charlotte.

First stop South Charlotte next Hollywood.

Some students at the Acting Out Studio on Ardrey Kell road have made it to the big screen.

“We change lives. When you watch the kids come in here and then I teach them and then they go on to move to California move to New York or even stay here and continue to grow and a turn on the TV and be like that’s my student. It makes it so worth anything that I’ve ever done in my entire life,” says Kamber Hejlik.

Hejlik is the owner of the studio. She’s been an actress her entire career.

“ I went to school for film and television and thought you know that’s what I wanna do, I wanted to be an actress,” says Hejlik.

After acting in LA she got an offer to teach.

“So when I started teach it , This thing just came over me and I love teaching it. I love teaching it as much as I love doing it,” says Hejlik.

The mom of three moving with her family to North Carolina.

“My first studio was out in California and then we moved here and, I was like surely there’s no acting in North Carolina and I was really wrong. There is a ton of acting in the southeast.  I actually started out, this is funny, and the clubhouse in my neighborhood. I was like, oh I guess people of asked me to teach and they quickly kind of like you were getting big, you need to be out of the clubhouse,” says Hejlik.

Fast forward to today, she has a full staff and more than 400 students with studios in South Charlotte, Cornelius and Fort Mill. Acting Out Studio offers coaching for commercials, monologues, improv, musical theatre, short films – you name it.

“We are very unique on what we’re doing. We’re not a big company that offers theater and that’s all we do. We have so many small things that we do whether you need a class or private or an audition taping or you just want to take a camp or a birthday party,” says Hejlik.

It doesn’t matter what level you are, a serious actor or if you’re a beginner just looking to have fun because remember the world is a stage.

“If you think about acting, it helps all aspects of life. It helps diction, or getting up in front of somebody, or not being shy,” says Hejlik.

Classes are small, usually no more than 10 people. The studio doesn’t do much advertising only relying on word or mouth.

For more information about Acting Out Studio click HERE.