Local Company Helps Fulfill Disinfectant Wipe Orders As Demand Continues To Rise

CHARLOTTE, NC – One of the hottest consumer items of 2020 is still in high demand. The disinfectant wipe industry has seen huge growth and isn’t slowing down. A local company with making machines to help keep up with the demand.

One roll every second is pushed out of a custom built machine made by Pinnacle Converting Equipment.

The company makes machines that can take large rolls of material and convert them into smaller rolls ready for canisters.

“We know whats happening with the demand and we just want to do our part to help our customer,” said Steve Long.

Long leads sales and marketing at Pinnacle. He says they hired some temporary staff to help a client fulfill a large order quickly.

“We decided to shift gears here for a couple of weeks and help them out and take the rolls and start stuffing them into the canisters for them,” said Long.

Pinnacle doesn’t typically hand fill canisters, but rather only builds the machines used to complete the conversion process.

“Last year during the pandemic, we really realized that this was going to be something needed in the market,” said Mark Shanahan.

Shanahan heads business development. He says global sales of wipes is around four billion dollars and is expected to rise by 8% year over year. The United States is leading the growth.

“Coming out of last year, we’re definitely on a trend upwards,” said Shanahan.

He says they’ve moved into a larger building near Pineville and have hired more staff.

“Looking at the numbers and the growth we figured this was definitely some equipment that we needed to make,” said Shanahan.

Pinnacle is serving the needs of a growing pandemic economy by supplying wipe making machines made in South Charlotte.