Charlotte Couch Concerts Are A Nation Wide Hit

CHARLOTTE, NC – A Charlotte musician is gaining national attention for his backyard concerts that ran for a full 365 days during the pandemic. He’s been on daytime talk shows, raised thousands for local and national charities, and keeps jamming even as regulations loosen up.

Tucked in the backyard of his Charlotte home, there is a stand-alone studio for daily concerts.

The Josh Daniel Couch Tour has run for 365 days and counting.

Daniel has played music professionally for about 15 years. His following exploded during the pandemic.

“We have a happy hour every day at six o’clock. We get together. Forget about what’s going on with COVID, check on each other,” said Daniel with a smile.

He has played almost 10000 different songs, on holidays and on birthdays. Rain or shine.

The key for the concerts is consistency. The jam sessions give people something to rely on in uncertain times.

“It boils down to connection,” said Daniel, “we all need it. And as humans we need to be with each other.”

There were memorable moments; like his daughter learning to ride a bike while live.

“She took her first training wheels off ride while I was playing the song. Oh wow she did it! And I turned the camera around and the crowd cheered online,” said Daniel.

And they’ve raised money for local and national charities. Daniel’s son, Sonny had a major craniofacial surgery last year. Daniel used his platform to give back to the organizations that helped their family.

“We raised over, half of that was to them, I think $25,000 or so was raised for them,” said Daniel.

Charlotte couch concerts are a hit across the country.

“I’m going to keep this train rolling,” said Daniel.

Daniel’s next free in person show will be at the Common Market on Monroe Road on April 20th.