Local Woman Accidentally Given Saline Injection, Instead of COVID Shot at Walgreens in Monroe

MONROE, N.C. – A local woman says she and her husband were among those involved in a vaccine mix-up at a local Walgreens.

The company admits some people who were supposed to get a COVID shot were accidently injected with a saline solution instead.

“You question how could that even happen?” asks Marshville resident Lisa Strawn.

She says she and her husband walked into the Walgreens on Fincher Street in Monroe on March 20th and got what they thought was the Pfizer vaccine.

“About 5:30 they called us and told us we needed to come back the next day, that there had been a mix-up with our shot,” Strawn says.

She says she was told the pharmacist had forgotten to mix the vaccine and they had only gotten a saline shot.

“And my question was, ‘Well what if we had got the straight Pfizer, you know, with out it being diluted?’ And anyway, never really got an answer out of that,” Strawn says.

It’s still unclear how many people got the wrong injection.

“There were several people they were having to call, because there was like a big stack of papers there. And I asked the guy, I said, ‘How did you figure out that we only got saline?’ And he said, ‘Well at 5:00 when she called me and said she had a lot of vaccine leftover, what was she to do with it?’ and he said ‘You shouldn’t have any vaccine left over,’ so that’s how they discovered it,” Strawn explained.

In a statement Walgreens said it contacted people who are affected and rescheduled their dose:

“We recently learned of a limited number of patients who did not receive the vaccine at one of our Monroe, North Carolina, stores and instead received an injection of saline. In alignment with CDC recommendations, we reached out to all impacted patients and administered a COVID-19 vaccination as soon as the impacted patients were available to return to the pharmacy. These patients will later receive their second dose within the appropriate time frame. We are investigating what happened and have taken immediate steps to review our procedures with the location to prevent this from occurring again.”

Strawn and her husband have now gotten both doses of the Pfizer vaccine but says she had a difficult time scheduling her second shot with Walgreens.

She eventually got it Sunday at a location in Matthews.