Thermal Technology Implemented In Iredell- Statesville Schools

CHARLOTTE, NC – The Iredell-Statesville school district is now using thermal technology in several buildings to take people’s temperatures as they enter.

The Thermal Pass is funded through a federal COVID relief grant that aims to safely gets students back in the classroom full time.

The thin black frame resembles a smaller metal detector. And it can be used almost anywhere, allowing temperature checks from a distance.

“It’s very important and significant to try and mitigate the spread of contagions,” explained Michael Lende, the CEO of canada based Predictiv AI.

Predictiv AI created the Thermal Pass device.

“We walk through 60 people a minute. No one is having to slow down and there is no interruption,” said Lende.

The devices are now set up in several Iredell-Statesville Schools. The frames are equipped with 24 sensors that are able to take 1,200 readings a second.

The tech was also tested at the Carolina Panthers stadium earlier this year.

“It was very simple, very easy to use, maintain the flow of people coming through,” said one fan.

People passed through while a person with a laptop looked for increased temperatures.

Businesses, healthcare providers, and schools are all looking for ways to bring people in safely.

“We like to find a way to survive and we like to find a better way to serve customers,” explained Sean Kim.

Kim is the owner of  MOA Korean BBQ in Southend. He added a thermal detection system when the pandemic began. Kim’s system uses cameras, which is different from Thermal Pass.

“Camera aims towards the people’s face. As you walk in, above your head it shows the temperature,” said Kim.

Lende says the thermal imaging technology will likely be needed beyond the pandemic.

There will be health measures in place that came about because of COVID, but will be around for many years to come,” said Lende.