Savona Mill Redevelopment Will Bring Economic Infusion To Charlotte’s West End

CHARLOTTE, NC – Major changes are coming to Charlotte’s historic West End. The 30 acre project is being well received, but there are concerns about the impacts gentrification may have.

It was once a textile mill situated near Stewart Creek and in between the Seversville and Smallwood neighborhoods in West Charlotte.

Now, the Savona Mill and plots of land nearby will soon be redeveloped and revitalized.

“We’re really excited about it because this is really where I think the retail, food and beverage event space activity can happen on the site,” said Greg Pappanastos, the president of Argos Real Estate Advisors.

Pappanastos has developed two projects in South End and has other holdings that are being prepared for redevelopment.

“Quite frankly, a little guy like me got priced out so we started looking to expand our horizons so we came over here and invested really early,” said Pappanastos.

Pappanastos says plans for the West End mill district are now coming together.

The 30 acre site has sat unused for nearly a decade, but soon it will be filled with retail, restaurants, and 600 new apartments.

The plans also call for pop up retail, a trolley barn, expanded green ways, and mixed use office space.

“Now this big development coming there demonstrates that the area is growing and not only is it growing, but it’s also changing,” said Malcolm Graham, A Charlotte City Councilman who represents the area.

He says he is approaching the project with cautious optimism.

“What we have to do is make sure that the residents who have historically lived here are part of the change and not victims of it,” said Graham.

He says the city is revising programs that would help people defer taxes, improve their homes, and ultimately stay where they’ve been living.

“We have to be intentional about making sure we have city programs that help people remain in their communities and their neighborhoods” said Graham.

Groundbreaking for the first phase of the development is set for October.