Family Of Teenage Girl Shot And Killed Outside Concord Mills Mall Sues Simon Property Group

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The family of Aveanna Propst, the 13-year-old who was killed in a fatal shooting outside Concord Mills Mall in December of 2019, has filed a lawsuit against the mall’s parent company, Simon Property Group.

Aveanna Propst’s mother, Daniale Mackin, is suing Simon Property Group for wrongful death, as she says in a statement the mall had knowledge of ongoing criminal activity, especially delinquent activity arising from a longstanding problem with unsupervised juveniles at Concord Mills Mall, and did nothing about it.

“I would like change. I would like them to step up their security. Make it safer, make people feel safe to come to the mall,” Mackin tells WCCB.

The lawsuit alleges the mall had a duty to protect its visitors, and should have reasonably foreseen that the conditions at the mall were such that safety of lawful visitors might be endangered.

The lawsuit supports this idea that the mall was not being monitored properly by detailing multiple crimes that occurred there all the way back to 2015, and by including different customer reviews that claim the mall is overrun with gangs and shootings.

“The lawsuit is seeking accountability and responsibility and recognition for the value of a young little girl who lost her life cut short due to negligence of others,” says Mackin’s attorney Brian Mickelsen.

The lawsuit seeks punitive damages and at least $25,000 in compensatory damages from each defendant.

Police say the shooting that killed 13-year-old Propst occurred after an altercation broke out between Dontae Black and a 16-year-old inside the mall on December 28th of 2019.

Propst was killed by a stray bullet in the parking lot, after Black opened fire outside of the mall near Dave & Buster’s, according to detectives.

Original Story (1/13/20):

CONCORD, NC. — The heartbroken mother of the innocent 13-year-old who was shot and killed outside Concord Mills Mall is speaking out.

Daniale Mackin describes her daughter as a feisty, fun-loving teen who loved dancing and basketball.

“Her personality, her smile. She was full of life. Everything about her,” says Mackin.

Nearly two weeks ago, Aveanna Propst was caught in the cross fire of gunshots outside the Dave and Busters at Concord Mills Mall. Aveanna had just seen a movie with her family. Mackin had gone to get their car parked in front of the mall.

“As I’m just sitting there and I hear the gunshots go off. I tell my son to get down.”

Makin thought Aveanna and her sisters were still inside the mall.

“Then I get the phone call that she had been shot. So I jumped out of the car and ran across the parking screaming help, help my daughter has been shot. As I’m running towards where the police is running. That’s when I ran into her, and she was just laying there.”

Mackin says she became numb.

“And was praying to God, God please don’t take my baby. She don’t deserve this. It just hurt so bad.”

Then police told her her daughter had died.

“The memory that I just seen of her laying there. That is all I can think about is the last memory of her.”

It’s the worst pain this mother says she’s ever gone through. Mackin says she’s taking it day by day. For now, it’s pictures and memories that make her feel close to her daughter

18-year-old Dontae Black and a 15-year-old boy have been charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of Aveanna.