Popular NoDa Music Venue Announces Reopening After 15 Months Of Being Closed

CHARLOTTE, NC. — After more than a year of struggle and uncertainty, they are back. The neighborhood theatre in NoDa announcing their first show happening in June. An emotional moment for Gregg McCraw, owner of Maxx Music, the talent buyer for the theatre. McCraw says there were doubts if the theatre could make it through the pandemic.

“There were many times that we thought this could be our last month we don’t know if we can make it any further,” McCraw says.

On June 17th Grammy-nominated musician Graham Sharp. The banjo player for Steep Canyon Rangers will be playing. Bringing in revenue for the first time since the theatre closed in March 2020.

“We get to bring something to people and watch them have a great evening. We’ve been missing that; we’ve been missing as much as everyone else out there.”

During the pandemic, the community raising $50,000 through GoFundMe to keep the theatre afloat. Then when the theatre replaced its stage, artists painted the floor selling the art pieces and raising $30,000 through an auction. City council allocat4ed nine months rent with grants from the CARES Act to music venues.

“Every time something like that happened, we bought ourselves a little more time.”

McCraw says his message to the community:

“Please, everyone, if you want your local music venues to be open and stay open and get back to normal operation, go out and get your vaccine; that’s the thing you can do to help all of us.”