Humane Society Of Charlotte Partners With Freedom Schools To Tackle Bullying Among Charlotte Youth

CHARLOTTE, NC  (News Release) — The Humane Society of Charlotte (HSC) is teaming up with Freedom School Partners (FSP) of Charlotte to implement the No More Bullying Program to benefit Charlotte youth. The program was acquired through a grant that was awarded to HSC’s Youth Programs in 2020 and was generously provided by Athletes for Animals. In partnership with the Humane Society of Charlotte, Freedom School Partners will provide the anti-bullying program to 400 Charlotte scholars during the 2021 summer enrichment session.

Why This Matters:
Initiatives around anti-bullying have become increasingly important as students engage in a wider variety of learning environments. During the COVID-19 pandemic, initial reports indicate that cyber-bullying increased by as much as 70% during virtual learning sessions (Source). As Charlotte youth return to in-person learning, exemplifying compassion, empathy, and understanding can help to ease the adjustment period.

“When kids interact with animals they develop stronger social and emotional skills,” says Shelley Lyttle, HSC Youth Programs Manager. “Animals teach us how to communicate on a deeper level and when kids get to work with animals, they get to practice those skills.”

What Does That Mean For the Animals?
The Humane Society of Charlotte’s Youth Programs believes that anti-bullying initiatives go hand-in-hand with learning how to show compassion toward animals. Engaging with animals and learning how to properly care for them cultivates character traits of empathy, integrity, respect, and responsibility -the same traits that combat bullying. The Freedom School Partners summer literacy and enrichment program strives to help scholars build social and emotional skills by participating in activities that promote resilience, cooperation, conflict resolution, and self-control. By making a connection between social and emotional skill-building and animals, the two organizations are able to provide a hands-on learning experience for Charlotte children.

“Partnering with The Humane Society of Charlotte is a unique opportunity for our scholars to learn key socio-emotional skills that will carry them through life,” says Freedom School Partners CEO Glenda Bernhardt.

The Humane Society of Charlotte team will partner with the Freedom School Partners team on Friday, May 21, 2021, from 1:00 – 3:00 pm gathering and assembling supplies in preparation for the arrival of scholars on June 14.

Members from both organizations including, HSC CEO/President Shelly Moore and Freedom School Partners CEO Glenda Bernhardt, will be available for media interviews at 1:00 pm on Friday, May 21 at the Freedom School Partners Latrobe Warehouse at 3605 Latrobe Drive, Suite D, Charlotte, NC 28211.

Humane Society of Charlotte Youth Programming Mission
The Humane Society of Charlotte’s Youth Programs’ goal is to create safer and healthier communities for our children. Our Youth Programming equips children with the tools necessary to think critically about the real-world challenges affecting animals and people in Charlotte. Through this programming, we are helping children cultivate empathy, compassion, and increase their understanding of personal responsibility for animals and people. Click HERE to learn more about HSC’s Youth Programs.

Freedom School Partners Mission
Freedom School Partners promotes the long-term success of children by preventing summer learning loss through igniting a passion for reading and inspiring a love of learning. Freedom School Partners’ goal in partnering with the Humane Society of Charlotte is to deliver a diverse curriculum that affirms scholars and exposes them to the broader community and addresses the whole child by supporting their academic, social, and emotional needs. Click HERE to learn more about Freedom School Partners of Charlotte.