City Of Charlotte Announces Paper Bag Mandate For Yard Waste Collection Beginning July 5th

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Beginning July 5th, Solid Waste Services in Charlotte will no longer accept yard waste in plastic bags.

The City of Charlotte announced a paper bag mandate on Wednesday requiring residents who receive city collection to use compostable paper bags or reusable personal containers weighing no more than 75 pounds for yard waste collection.

City officials say environmental impacts of plastic bags and operational efficiency were factors in this change.

Officials say it take up to 1,000 years for a plastic bag to decompose at the landfill, compared to it taking paper bags no more than one month to decompose

Eliminating single-use, plastic yard waste bags will also allow workers to decrease the amount of time required to provide services at each home.

Officials say if residents use plastic bags for yard waste after July 5th, they will be left a note reminding them of the change and will be provided a one-time courtesy collection.

Residents who continue to use plastic after the mandate goes into effect could be subject to a minimum of a $150 fine per city code.

Officials say for a limited time the city of Charlotte will provide paper bags for pick up, at no cost, at the City of Charlotte Solid Waste Services’ office on Otts Street or at any of the Mecklenburg County full-service recycling centers.