UNC Charlotte Sequencing Lab Detects Covid-19 Variants

CHARLOTTE — It’s the only lab of its kind in Mecklenburg County.  The work a team of doctors at UNC Charlotte is doing is vital in the fight against Covid-19.  It’s called Genomic Sequencing.  It allows scientists to identify Covid-19 and monitor how the virus changes overtime into new variants.

The team of doctors in UNC Charlotte’s Department of Bioinformatics and Genomics detected the highly contagious Delta Variant in 5 cases after a Covid-19 outbreak at the Salvation Army shelter in Charlotte.

“It’s important that we know what’s out there.  With the variants that are coming, you’ve noticed we’ve had the Alpha Variant and others, we continue to have this virus mutate.  We’re going to see other variants,” says Dr. Jessica Schlueter with the Dept. of Bioinformatics and Genomics at UNC Charlotte.

Another variant could be Lambda.  Health officials are reporting a few cases in Texas.  So far, no cases reported in Charlotte, but doctors say it will eventually show up in our area.