Grocery Stores That Give You The Most Bang For Your Buck

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — We are all trying to save a little money (especially coming out of this pandemic), so check out our list of local grocery stores that give you the most bang for your buck.

Whether you’re shopping for the whole family or just for yourself, WCCB has curated a list of stores that are definitely worth checking out.

No need to cut out coupons this time around!


Trader Joes

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Wine deals, wine deals, WINE DEALS…but seriously if you’re close to a Trader Joe’s it may be time to make this place your grocery store go-to.

Trader Joe’s is able to keep prices low by selling private-label products instead of name brands.

According to Business Insider 80 percent of their products are in-house, meaning you can’t buy these products anywhere else and that the store buys directly from suppliers, cutting out the middlemen in a supply chain that can drive up costs.

Trader Joe’s also cuts costs by spending less on marketing and relying on word of mouth.

The store sells a variety of creative products that attract the heath-conscious shopper and those just looking for a good deal.

Trader Joe’s also offers discounts for shoppers who bring in their own reusable bags.




Aldi’s is a great grocery store for deals on deals on DEALS!

The store avoids name brand products, by keeping 90 percent of their items private label, which saves their shoppers money.

The few well-known products they do sell are either discontinued or overstock products, letting the store sell them at a reduced price.

The physical store itself saves money by its design, which is made for minimal stocking and upkeep. All their products are left in the boxes they came and their locations are minimally decorated.

Aldi’s also has fewer workers at their stores, which keeps costs lower and it helps shoppers avoid getting constantly asked “do you need help with anything” as they buy their products.

Don’t forget to bring your own bags (as the store does not offer free shopping bags), and bring a quarter (you’ll get back) to use one of their carts inside the store.

Click here to check out Aldi’s finds of the week.



P.C. @walmart

If you’re like my mom, you hate to go in-store to do your grocery shopping. Luckily, Walmart offers pickup and delivery services at a pretty low price point.

Pickup options and delivery options are FREE for grocery bills over $35.

Walmart will also price match other in-store prices from competitors.

The store offers in-house options that are cheaper with their Great Value brand.

Walmart has a huge variety of products, and multiple locations to do your shopping at.



P.C. @Costco

Okay, yes you need a membership to shop here, but if discounts and bulk buying are your thing then it may be worth it to invest.

Memberships at Costco start at $60 annually for a Gold Star Membership, with discounts available for certain businesses.

The store sells everything from engagement rings, clothes, food, beer, wine, and more.

Costco boasts checking out its in-house brand, Kirk Signature, as way to save money (since they are buying directly from the suppliers for these items).

Costco also has an in-house food court with a variety of food options at low price points for hungry shoppers.

Since a lot of their products come in bulk, shoppers can save money and stock up at the same time.

Food Lion Image

Instead of cutting up coupons, sign up to be an MVP member and save money with digital coupons on fresh produce as well as all the other items on your list.

Food Lion offers To-Go services that allow customers to shop online and pickup in-store for $1.99 (delivery options for only $3.99).

The store does price reductions based on their research of frequently purchased items.

Bargain Max


P.C. @bargainmax

This local business offers discount groceries, clothes, and other retail products.

Located at 2920 North Tryon Street in Charlotte, this store is perfect for bargain shoppers nearby.

The store receives closeouts and surplus from other companies that close down, helping them sell products below wholesale prices.

Bargain Max offers a “Deal of the Week,” which includes an item with a special discount available for a week and sometimes more.

Click here to find out what deals the store is offering this week.

Bonus Tip: If you purchase a large inventory from Bargain Max, call the Owner and President Doug Hipps at 704-277-8007 and say “Cheers!” for money for an ice cold beer (or six) as a thank you for doing business.

Let us know what other stores you would suggest for great grocery shopping deals!