Community Activist Receives Threatening Letter Hours Before Confederate Statue Rally

CORNELIUS, N.C. – A local community activist received a threatening letter, hours before holding a rally calling for the removal of a Confederate statue.

Dozens marched in Cornelius on Wednesday night, demanding the statue be taken down.

It has stood in front of Mount Zion United Methodist Church for more than 110 years, but the land is controlled by a private monument association.

Sue Rankin-White, with Unity in the Community, says she took the threatening letter to police.

She read part of the letter to WCCB Charlotte, which said, “Your unity group, in your sick attempt at attention, is creating a situation that will not end well. You can only poke a dog so long before it bites back.”

“It’s a little scary. I’m not sure what to make of it,” Rankin-White said.

Wednesday night, the group rallied outside Cornelius Town Hall, then marched about half a mile to the statue.

“It’s not just paying homage to fallen soldiers, the monument was erected, many many years after those soldiers had fallen… It was erected to scare and intimidate black people,” says Pam Jones, with Unity in the Community.

Organizers say they’re committed to keep working until the statue is taken down.

“We don’t want our town to be represented by that kind of vile symbolism,” Rankin-White says.