Man Behind The Mic, Charlotte Resident Rocks The Crowd At Queen City Pro-Am

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — At its core, it’s just basketball. But when you step on Curry Court at the Carole Hoefner Center you’ll immediately notice something is different. Music blasting, and a vivacious voice heard all throughout the gym.

Welcome to the Queen City Pro-Am and meet the man on the mic, Nate Frazier. The job description is simple, keep everyone entertained.

“I’m trying to bring energy and electricity to the gym,” said Frazier. “Like when you see someone do a move, it’s usually oooh, but then it’s like oooh, where are you going”

Frazier, who depending on who you ask, is also known as, Scamp Duty, Coach Hezi, the Talk of the Town and his personal favorite, the Sound of the South has it all down to a science. The crazy part is, this is only the second year of the Queen City Pro-Am but Frazier knew he was built for being on the mic.

“Nate just reached out to me,” said Queen City Pro-Am CEO Al’lonzo Coleman. “Like I can do this, we just gave him a chance, and he was just a natural born MC.”

“I was nervous,” recalled Frazier. “I was scared to do it, they were like, you’re the funniest guy, do it. So I just balls to the wall, let me go ahead, stand up there and do it.”

It certainly helps that Frazier is a hooper himself, the Charlotte native and North Meck grad won states his junior year and played pro overseas for three years, so he’s already in tune with the basketball community here and it shows.

“Coach Hezi, he’s the life of the Pro-Am,” said Coleman. “He’s the energy, he’s the heartbeat, he’s the electricity that you feel in the atmosphere. The main two ingredients for a great Pro-Am are the players and the MC, and he’s the best in the country.”

“He does a really good job, he lightens up the crowd a lot,” said Charlotte resident Janiya Sanders.

“I get my confidence from everybody else,” said Frazier. “After the game when they’re like, you were funny. It gets me up so I can work on myself and give them an even better performance when they see me again.”

And again doesn’t necessarily mean here in Charlotte.

“My hezi fam, we’re going to go around the country, I’m going to be on the mic. We’ll be on courts everywhere just bringing this culture back”